Conference interpreting can be one of the most demanding types of Auslan-English interpreting and, consequently, should only be undertaken by highly skilled and experienced interpreters.

In recent times, examination for NAATI credentials for Auslan-English interpreters at the Conference level has become available. ASLIA’s policy is that, whenever possible, practitioners holding Conference accreditation should be used in preference to other Auslan-English interpreting practitioners.

The demands of conference interpreting include, but are not limited to:
• presenters’ pace of delivery
• often highly technical content
• subject-specific language which is often unfamiliar in mainstream language use
• large audience often from mixed backgrounds and/or fields of specialty

Strategies used to manage demands include, but are not limited to:
• interpreter preparation (e.g. access to presenters’ papers and PowerPoint presentations, meeting with presenters prior to delivery, etc.)
• interpreters’ room, inclusive of internet access to allow for research
• strong interpreting teams
• an interpreter coordinator responsible for responding to the needs of the interpreting teams

For more information about ASLIA’s policy on the selection of Auslan-English interpreters for national and international events, click here