Interpreters in Australia are fortunate to be able to access training opportunities, have health and safety supports, a Code of Ethics, and to be paid for their work. However, signed language interpreters in developing countries may not share these benefits. Therefore, to support our colleagues in developing nations, the ASLIA Creating Opportunities Fund (COF) was established in 2007.

The Fund provides support to interpreters — and by extension, to the Deaf communities — from developing countries (or countries developing their interpreter profession) in the Australasia/Oceania region. Stage one of this project has provided the opportunity for interpreters from countries in the region to come to Australia for professional development and networking opportunities, including attending the ANC and ITNS. In 2014, the Fund shifted to stage two, which provides for the sending of Australian interpreter trainers to developing countries to deliver professional development.

It is hoped that the Creating Opportunities Fund initiative will receive financial support from interpreter associations, interpreting agencies and from individuals. These donations are essential to the fund to provide support to eligible interpreters. For more information about how to donate to the Fund, contact ASLIA at