ASLIA Executive Committee

The ASLIA Executive Committee are elected by ASLIA members and hold office for a period of three years. The committee is comprised of professional practitioners from across Australia.

All office bearers have NAATI Professional Interpreter (formerly level 3) accreditation and committee members have either NAATI Professional Interpreter or Para-professional level accreditation. The ASLIA Executive support NAATI Revalidation. Individuals are elected on merit, not to represent their home state/territory at national level; nor do they represent ASLIA at the state/territory level.

All Executive Committee members work on a voluntary basis.

Julie Judd (Vic)Interim President & Interim Secretary
David McQuiggin (NSW)Interim Vice-President
Profile coming soon
Amy Blaylock (SA)Interim Treasurer
Profile coming soon
Sarah Strong (ACT)Interim Minutes Secretary
Julie Tait (Qld)Interim Committee Member
Megan Bytheway (Qld)Interim Committee Member
Kylie Clear (NSW)Interim Committee Member
Meredith Bartlett (Vic)Interim Committee Member
Brooke Buise (WA)Interim Committee Member
Cat Edmunds (WA)Interim Committee Member
Liz Temple (NT)Interim Committee Member