Interpreting practitioners, like all professional practitioners, need to protect themselves against litigation that may be brought against them in relation to potential negative outcomes that may be attributed to their interpreting work and/or other actions that may be attributed to them that have caused loss or injury.

Even if a legal case against an interpreting practitioner in relation to their actions does not succeed, defending such litigation is costly and would be beyond the means of most, if not all, interpreters.

It is also important to consider that even though an interpreter’s employer holds insurance policies that would cover the interpreter if s/he were named in a law suit, that if the case is ultimately successful for the litigant, it is possible that the employer’s insurance agency would then litigate against the interpreter to recover their losses.

Therefore, ASLIA strongly recommends that interpreting practitioners purchase their own professional indemnity and public liability insurance. ASLIA recommends Aon Insurance for this purpose.