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ITNS Call for Papers

It is with some sadness that the ANC2018 Organising Committee and the ASLIA Board have decided to cancel the Interpreter Trainer Network Symposium (ITNS) which was to have been held on Monday 24th September following the ANC 2018.

ANC 2018

Auslan Translation – ITNS Call for Papers

We are seeking presentations on innovative approaches that promote good teaching and learning; mentoring programs / supervision; implementation of training in a new era and specific strategies educators have found useful in training interpreters.

ITNS Call for Papers

ITNS Paper Submission Form

Papers submitted can address development activities and initiatives aimed at trainee interpreters, accredited interpreters and/or Deaf interpreters. The following is a list of some possible presentation topics, but the list is by no means exhaustive:

Initiatives supporting successful student outcomes and skill enhancement

  • Specific training activities & resources
  • Training Deaf interpreters
  • Teaching Deaf/hearing cohorts
  • Closing the gap between sign language classes and interpreter training courses
  • Research related to interpreter training
  • Reflective practice programs
  • The use of technology in training

ANC Call for Papers & Posters **CLOSED 28 February 2018**

It is a pleasure to invite you to the ANC 2018. The conference will take place in Brisbane, on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd September, 2018. ANC will be followed by the Interpreter Trainers’ Network Symposium (ITNS) on Monday 24th September.

This year’s ANC theme is “Partners in Practice”. The choice of theme reflects the belief that the greatest benefit to our industry and the communities we work in comes from exploring, developing and sustaining important partnerships. ANC 2018 promises to be an informative conference, forging strong ties and strengthening our industry and community.



The John W Flynn Oration is an ASLIA initiative, named in honour of an interpreter and welfare worker of many years’ experience, who was instrumental in establishing NAATI accreditation and training systems for Auslan interpreters. In 1977, NAATI was established, and in April 1979, it was mooted sign language interpreters be considered for accreditation, with Mr John W Flynn a driving force behind the proposal.

Auslan Translation – JW Flynn Oration Background

The Oration carries its name in recognition of John’s pioneering work in the field. Following his inaugural oration in 1996, many well-respected and influential practitioners of interpreting, consumers of interpreting services, interpreter educators and researchers have delivered the JW Flynn Oration. Describing the personal and professional journeys of the individuals concerned, the Oration also recognises the orators as pioneers in various ways, as very strong ambassadors of sign language interpreters and contributors to the professionalisation of the interpreting field.