Interpreting in the performing arts is, for obvious reasons, one of the most visible forms of Auslan-English interpreting. In Australia, many mainstream theatre productions as well as comedy performances are interpreted. One of the largest providers of interpreting in the performing arts is Auslan Stage Left. Click here to go to their website. Interpreters who work in this area are passionate about making mainstream theatre accessible to the Deaf community.

Interpreting in the performing arts is a unique genre with interpreters rarely – if ever – interpreting “on the spot”. Many hours of preparation are involved in bringing an interpretation to the stage.

The performance is viewed by the interpreting team at least once, scripts and scores are obtained, and then the interpreters will work together using translation practices to achieve dynamic equivalence of the dialogue as well as any songs. Frequently, Deaf language and cultural consultants work closely with the interpreters in order to identify the most faithful translation of both dialogue and songs. This process involves countless hours of intense practice.