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“I felt yuck about that job”: Unpicking the Layers of Difficult Interpreting

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Brokering communication sometimes turns out to be really difficult: unfamiliar or poorly delivered content, reaching for shared understanding across wide language and experiential differences, or not even knowing who we are interpreting to. People often have unrealistic expectations of our capacity to make a situation ‘accessible’. No wonder we sometimes leave a job feeling overstretched or ineffectual.

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Dr Rachel McKee is an Associate Professor in the School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies at Victoria University of Wellington and Programme Director of NZSL Studies.

Rachel was in the first group of NZSL interpreters to be trained in 1985. Working as a community interpreter motivated her to study sign language and interpreting in the USA from 1988, where she became a certified ASL interpreter while completing a PhD in Applied Linguistics at UCLA. Rachel returned to NZ in 1992, working with her husband David McKee to establish training programmes for sign language interpreters, Deaf teachers of NZSL, and hearing NZSL learners. Her research publications have spanned the grammar and lexicon of NZSL, sociolinguistic variation, interpreting, deaf children in education, Deaf community history, and language policy and planning for NZSL. Rachel was the inaugural president of SLIANZ (founded 1995), and she has valued close connections with Auslan interpreting colleagues and researchers throughout her career.


This event is not suitable for ASLIA Live streaming