The Representative Council members serve an important role in providing a link between state branches and the ASLIA Executive Committee. They are elected by state branches to represent their home state at the national level and to act as liaison for ASLIA at state level. They disseminate information and provide bi-monthly state reports and feedback from their state that is then shared with our members nationally.
Based on feedback received from the ASLIA membership, it was felt that practitioners with NAATI Paraprofessional accreditation should be represented at the national level. Given that the vast majority of practitioners currently working in Australia are accredited at this level, they may be aware of issues and points of view which should be considered in decision-making at the national level.

As such, the ASLIA Representative Council serves as a body of review, a reference group and a pool of additional personnel who may be able to assist ASLIA in achieving its goals. Furthermore, the Representative Council members are able to represent the views of their state associations and gain feedback and insight from their local communities.

These are our Representative Council Members: