Children’s Theatre Interpreting for Consultants & Interpreters – Sydney 22 July by ASLIA NSW and Auslan Stage Left

NAATI Revalidation: What Do You Need To Know? by Christy Filipich

English to Auslan Translation & Presentation Skills Workshop by James Blyth, Stephanie Linder & Dr Gabrielle Hodge

Anatomy of a Healthcare Interpreter by Doug Bowen-Bailey

Health & Safety for Auslan Interpreters by Maree Madden

Interpreting in Educational Settings – What Role do Interpreters Play in these Environments? by Debra Russell

Interpreting in Educational Settings – Skills, Ethics and Dynamic Equivalence by Maree Madden

Team Interpreting – Investigating the Teamwork Practices of Sign Language Interpreters by Kirri Dangerfield

Team Interpreting – Tandem (Team) Interpreting – What is a Tandem? by Mark Quinn

Team Interpreting – The Work of a Deaf Interpreter, Deaf and Hearing Teams, Who Does What & Why? by Robert Adam

Transition Para-professional to Professional – What to Expect from the NAATI Professional Team by Peter Bonser

Demand Control Schema (DC-S) by Robyn Dean

Deaf Indigenous Awareness by Jody Barney & Aunty Di Kerr