NAATI New Certification Scheme

June 28, 2017

Public Information Briefing sessions on the new NAATI certification system which will take effect in January 2018, were held in three cities: Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane from May 30 – June 7 2017.

For more information including an Auslan intepreted briefing session and PowerPoint slides – click here.

News flash from NAATI:

An updated draft of the NAATI recertification (Professional Development- PD) catalogue has been released – click here. This is a slightly updated version of the earlier draft which reflects some additional feedback since then.

Anyone familiar with the existing revalidation requirements will see there are some common areas but some notable changes aimed at making it more flexible for practitioners to accrue PD points.

Once approved the final version will be published and incorporated into the on-line e-logbook that will be provided via the new NAATI portal for all certified practitioners in January 2018.