WA Language Services Policy

WA Language Services Policy 2020 aims to ensure that all Western Australians have equitable access to information and services. To find out more, click here: WA Language Services Policy 

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ASLIA (WA) 2021 Calendar of Events

ASLIA (WA) Constitution



We are working on a project to update that Constitution, including writing it in plain English and translating into Auslan.

ASLIA (WA) Policies

  • Many of our policies are currently being reviewed and updated. Auslan translations will be made available once the reviewing process is complete.
  • Policy for Provision of Funding to Members – All current ASLIA (WA) members are entitled to apply for financial support to attend workshops or skill development programs.
  • Policy for Student Representative to the Committee – Students enrolled in an Interpreting Training Course are eligible to apply for a co-opted position on the committee as a student representative.

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