WA Language Services Policy

WA Language Services Policy 2020 aims to ensure that all Western Australians have equitable access to information and services. To find out more, click here: WA Language Services Policy 

ASLIA (WA) Constitution




ASLIA (WA) Policies



ASLIA (WA) AGM 2021-2022

ASLIA (WA) held their AGM on 28 August 2022 at the Herdsman Lake Tavern. Documents relevant to the AGM are attached:

AGM 2022 President’s Report: ASLIA (WA) AGM 2022 President’s Report 2022 08 28

AGM 2022 Treasurer’s Report: ASLIA (WA) AGM 2022 Treasurer’s Report

AGM 2022 Balance Sheet: ASLIA (WA) AGM 2022 Balance Sheet 2021_2022

AGM 2022 Minutes: ASLIA (WA) AGM 2022 Minutes

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