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From time-to-time, ASLIA offers financial support to its members on a case by case basis, as well as to interpreting communities in the Australasia/Oceania regions.

With the support of our deafness sector organisations, ASLIA has been able to assist some of its members to attend the ASLIA National Conference (ANC).

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ASLIA and SLIANZ support PNG (2019)

Sign language interpreting in Papua New Guinea (PNG) is relatively new; relative to the situation in Australia and in other countries where the sign language interpreting has been around for some time.

Historically the function of interpreting was carried out by Teachers of the Deaf who used a more Signed English form for instruction and communication, the effect of which still remains today. But things are changing. In 2015, WFD President Colin Allen visited the PNG Deaf community (at the invitation of Light for the World – an international disability and development organisation whose vision is an inclusive society where no one is left behind). He spent a week in PNG to visit the deaf program including the deaf education and sign language development work supported by the Light for the World through Callan Services. On their final day of the week, there was a brainstorming meeting about future project development on Deaf Rights, Sign Language Work, Sign Language Teachers, Sign Language Interpreters, Deaf Education and PNG Sign Language Recognition.

Since then much has happened. Deaf leaders from Fiji, Australia and New Zealand have been working closely with the PNG Deaf community to assist in the building of capacity and the very first interpreter training program took place over one week in March 2017. The training program was run by Mr Zane Hema and coincided with a visit by Mr Krishneer Sen from Fiji working with Deaf leaders and so part of the very first training program was co-taught with both Deaf and hearing participants. He returned twice in 2018 to conduct further one-week training programs in June and November and is scheduled to return again in October 2019.

The book Sign Language Interpreting: Theory & Practice in New Zealand and Australia by Jemina Napier, Della Goswell and Rachel McKee has been one of the main references for the training. As talks now begin on plans to develop some form of assessment to test interpreter’s knowledge and skills, it is becoming increasingly important to ensure that interpreters throughout the country have access to this important resource.

It is with great pleasure to announce that both ASLIA and SLIANZ have both agreed to contribute the funds that will allow 20 copies of the book to be purchased and to delivered to PNG in time for the next training program. How great it is to see both Associations are supporting their colleagues in PNG this way. Thank you ASLIA and SLIANZ!