Financial Support for Members


From time-to-time, ASLIA offers financial support to its members as well as to interpreting communities in the Australasia/Oceania regions.

ASLIA itself has very limited funds at its disposal. It is important for members to remember that whilst ASLIA collects your membership fees, it passes 50% of your membership fee to your state branch. It is for this reason that ASLIA does not have a Bursary of its own.

Finally, ASLIA provides infrastructure support for the Kathy Walsh Memorial Sponsorship, which does provide certain ASLIA and SLIANZ members with the opportunity to attend the ANC.


Kathy Walsh Memorial Sponsorship

An initiative from Eve Hedley, and funded by Eve Hedley.

Kathy Walsh (nee Hassan), was an Auslan-English Interpreter and ASLIA member, who actively engaged in Professional Development (PD) throughout her career, and also encouraged many other practitioners to undertake PD.

The Kathy Walsh Memorial Sponsorship (KWMS) provides $500 towards one ASLIA National Conference (ANC) 2020 registration to specifically support a member to engage in 2.5 days of PD, learning, networking and socialising with other delegates.

The KWMS is aimed at current ASLIA members who are NAATI Certified Provisional Interpreters (Auslan and English) at the time of submitting the application and still hold this certification at ANC 2020. It is also aimed at current Sign Language Interpreters Association of New Zealand (SLIANZ) members who have completed either the Diploma in Sign Language Interpreting or Bachelor of Arts NZSL-English Interpreting at the time of submitting the application.