Strategic Plan

ASLIA Vision and Goals

The Australian Sign Language Interpreters’ Association (ASLIA) is a volunteer, non-profit body and is the national peak organisation representing the needs and interests of Auslan/English interpreters and Deaf Interpreters in Australia.

ASLIA is comprised of a Board with representatives from ASLIA associations in most Australian States and Territories


To lead and promote sign language interpreting across Australia


ASLIA is the peak body representing Auslan/English interpreters and Deaf interpreters through:

  • Partnerships and engagement with ASLIA associations, members, practitioners and stakeholders.
  • Promoting and providing on-going professional development and best practice in Auslan/English interpreting.
  • Providing a professional framework, including a Code of Ethics, policies and guidelines.


ASLIA’s strategic objectives: 


  • Recognised for professionalism, innovation and best practice
  • Accessible quality training and professional development
  • Maintenance of standards through guidelines, policies and procedures
  • Effective communication using appropriate technologies
  • Maintaining a reputation for leadership, quality and integrity



  • Respected and valued by members and Interpreters reflected in strong membership
  • High public visibility of ASLIA with a strong brand recognition and increased membership base
  • Comprehensive industry support, providing guidelines, policies and procedures
  • Inclusive practices within the membership and the community



Partnerships and relationships with:

  • Deaf community
  • Professional bodies relevant to ASLIA
  • Service providers and agencies
  • Governments
  • Other funders and sponsors



  • Good governance
  • Excellent management
  • Strong, well-resourced representative Board
  • Financially strong, well-managed and viable with a reliable income stream
  • Responsive to members


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