Education Interpreting

ASLIA have a number of resources on interpreting in educational settings. You can find them here:


Educational Interpreting

Moving Towards Best Practice in an Interpreted Classroom

  • While unfortunately the actual presentation is not active, there is a repository of Auslan specific resources on the subjects of Healthcare Resources, Linguistics of Auslan, Auslan to English interpreting, Storytelling Resources and Discourse Mapping, as well as similar resources in ASL if you want to brush up.

Classroom Interpreting (US)

  • US-based overview over role of the interpreter, preparation over effective classroom interpreting, advice over collaborating with the educational team and professional conduct guidelines.

National Association of Interpreters in Education (US)

  • Similar to ASLIA for US educational interpreters! They have a huge list of resources including ASL vocabulary archives on different subjects, guidelines including relevant laws, information about Deaf and Deaf-Blind education and more.


Deaf Education

Victorian Deaf Education Institute

  • A range of paid and free professional development resources, covering a range of topics related to the education of Deaf/Hard of Hearing learners. 


  • Information regarding the educational offerings of RIDBC, including continuing professional education, postgraduate programs and research.

Odyssey Magazine (US)

  • Odyssey Magazine – Published by Gallaudet University Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Association. The magazine is published annually and subscription is free. 

VL2 Research Briefs

  • Visual Language and Visual Learning Centre publishes research briefs summarising research and practice guides in the education of deaf children and access to visual language.

15 Principles for Reading to Deaf Children

  • US resource in ASL, English voice-over and with English subtitles regarding the education of Deaf/Hard of Hearing children in the area of reading. The video resource is free to access. 



Educational Signbank

  • A growing language resource of Auslan glossaries. Glossary areas include: car mechanics, hospitality, language, literacy and study, workplace health and safety, and general education.

101 Theatre Signs by Auslan Stage Left

  • Resource by Auslan Stage Left. The site provides an alphabetical list of theatre specific signs provided in Auslan. 

Auslan Signbank

  • Auslan dictionary resource covering all areas. 

Scottish Sensory Centre

  • BSL Glossaries for astronomy, biology, chemistry, geography, mathematics and physics. A mobile app is also available for Android and iOS. 


Auslan Resources

Linguistics of Auslan

  • Videos (in Auslan) explaining the linguistic concepts of: use of space, depicting signs, and constructed action.

Auslan Storybooks

  • Auslan video library with signed stories covering a range of genres (predominantly fiction). Stories are suitable for a younger audience.

Sally and Possum

Auslan posters:

  • Posters with images of Auslan signs covering a range of everyday topics including: questions, Australian animals, shopping and Coronavirus. Posters are appropriate for use in educational facilities, workplaces and in the home.