ASLIA SA is a small state branch. Our volunteers are willing and able to respond to the needs of our state members. We can tailor to the needs of our members and quickly respond to community requests.  We aim to have an open dialogue with members, the community and providers in order to sustain and improve interpreting across the state and nationally.

Some of the opportunities we provide can include state-based professional development, social networking opportunities and industry knowledge and development regarding interpreting and best practice. Nationally we aim to work together with ASLIA to provide further access to professional development via “ASLIA Live” and promotion of other states events which can be attended in person. We also work with ASLIA to provide ongoing policies and procedures relevant to our industry and liaison with stakeholders on a national level to advocate for interpreting and community needs.

We have strong community links with Deaf organisation in our state these include:

  • Southern Deaf Group

ASLIA SA does not teach Auslan or train interpreters. These services are provided by other organisations within our state such as:

  • Deaf Can Do
  • Sign Language Australia
  • School of Languages
  • WEA

ASLIA SA is very committed to mentoring new graduates of the Diploma of Interpreting course (Auslan), and those working in the industry wanted to develop skills within our profession. Emerging mentoring opportunities both locally and nationally are available via the ASLIA website.

Please keep on contact with us via our Facebook page and email. Opportunities to volunteer and give back to the industry are always available.


ASLIA (SA) Final Constitution Feb 2018

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