First time in Australia! StreetLeverage – Live Australia – Friday 21 Sep 2018

August 29, 2018

Hey there!

You’re a sign language interpreter not because you want rescue anyone or want to make a ton of money (we know better), but because you have a passion for the work interpreters do, a love of signed languages, and have a deep respect for the Deaf Community.

In short, you want to do excellent work and make a difference while doing it.

To achieve that, you’ve gotta dig deep within to be highly aware of yourself and to actively engage in learning that prepares you to successfully navigate new environments and community and cultural norms.

No small task.

If you are an interpreter seeking tools that will assist you in uncovering your biases and equipping you to navigate cultural and community norms – actually do that excellent work you want to do and make a difference – ​you don’t want to miss what’s coming next.

StreetLeverage – Live Australia is coming to Brisbane, Australia, for a one day event on September 21, 2018. The event is being held from 9:00am – 4:30pm and it only costs $200.00 to get in.

What exactly can you expect?

You can expect to receive 7 hours of learning from industry thinkers and leaders designed to assist you in examining yourself and the challenges you face doing the important work that you have chosen to do.

The leaders and thinkers you will have access to are:● Lisa Clews
Lisa recently was employed as the “commUNITY” State Manager for Deaf Services Queensland. She oversaw the community services program and managed a team who are based all over Queensland. Lisa is an active member of the North Queensland Regional Disability Advisory Council and was employed by the Finnish Association of the Deaf to co-establish the Albanian National Association of the Deaf in Albania, and the Deaf Development Program in Cambodia. She is also a co-founder and current committee member of KODA Australia. Her greatest joy in life is being a mother to her two-year old daughter and enjoying home life in Townsville with my wife, Anita.● Stef Linder
Stef is a second-generation native signer of Auslan and lifelong member of the Deaf community. She has over twenty years of experience teaching Auslan and signed language interpreting to deaf and hearing L1 and L2 learners at both TAFE and University levels. She holds many roles in the Deaf Community as a Deaf Interpreter, translator and language consultant.

● Brent Phillips
Brent is currently Director – Language, Partnerships & Innovation at Expression Australia, leading Expression Australia’s community engagement and partnerships strategy, as well as Victoria and Tasmania’s largest and most experienced Auslan interpreting agency – Auslan Connections.  Brent is also responsible for driving Expression Australia’s suite of learning and training services.  Brent’s previous roles include Contract Manager at the then Department of Planning and Community Development, Disability Outreach Officer at the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission and Manager at Deaf Victoria.

He is a former President of Deaf Sports Australia, a voluntary position he held for eight years.  Brent is currently Co-Chair of the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission Disability Reference Group.

Brent is a third-generation Deaf person in his family, married to a Deaf person and is the proud father of two young children.  He has BA (Criminology) and MBA degrees and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

● Brandon Arthur
Brandon is a lover of life and considers himself very fortunate. He is the Founder of Street Leverage and is a passionate social entrepreneur within the field of sign language interpreting. Brandon is a nationally certified interpreter and has worked on both the practicing and business sides of the field for the past 20 years. He earned a B.S. degree in Psychology and a Minor in Business from George Mason University. His father is Deaf and his mother was a sign language interpreter. Brandon is a devoted father and husband and enjoys the sport of triathlon.

Okay…so maybe none of these names or descriptions mean anything to you. Not yet.

But they will. 🙂

Soon these presenters and their presentations will represent insights and answers to your questions – perhaps the very questions that keep getting in the way of you being even more culturally competent, delivering more engaging and accurate interpretations, and making leaps forward in your career.
To start you on the road to answer to some of your questions and to give you a sense of the caliber of StreetLeverage – Live instruction, ​check-out these presentations from past StreetLeverage – Live events​.

Let me finish with this:​ If you are seeking to strengthen your cultural competence, increase your confidence, and do your best work while making a difference, you will be well served to invest in yourself by registering to participate in the 7 hours of instruction offered as a part of StreetLeverage – Live Australia in Brisbane, Australia.

Again, the event is being held on September 21st from 9:00am – 4:30pm.
Those investing in themselves by attending StreetLeverage – Live Australia are eligible to receive the NAATI Recertification Category 1.4 – 20 points or Category 3.8 – 10 points.

Take a leap forward in your career and register to attend. We hope for the opportunity to host you!


Brandon Arthur Founder StreetLeverage