Are You Available 2018 Survey Presentation

December 3, 2018

Dear ASLIA Members, 

We want to thank you for the support by responding to our survey “Are you available?”  

The 374 individuals who responded to the national survey well outstripped our initial expectations, and this most certainly would not have been possible without ASLIA’s support. Having achieved such a high number of participants has enriched the credence and reliability to the data collected, and thus the conclusions that we have been able to draw from this. 

As promised, we have attached our PowerPoint presentation delivered at the ASLIA National Conference in Brisbane. Please note this is a high level summary of some of the survey findings including recommendations that had to be presented in a 40 minute program timeslot on 22 September 2018.

 Following a short break from the survey project, the coming months will see us beginning to undertake more targeted, and deeper analysis of the data than was performed in preparation for the ASLIA National Conference 2018 presentation.

In doing so, we will keep ASLIA apprised of any findings that either relate specifically to ASLIA, or that you may find to be of interest. As any further findings are published or otherwise distributed, we will keep you informed. Meanwhile, please find attached, a copy of the PowerPoint that we used for the conference presentation.

You may recall that we pledged to share our survey findings with interpreters. We are asking one additional piece of support from you, which is to distribute a thank you email from us along with the conference PowerPoint to those on your previously used contact list. The email for sending out is to follow.

Again, thank you for your support.

Warm regards, 

Angela Dillon and Paul Heuston