ANC2018 Videos on sale now

February 15, 2019

ASLIA is delighted to offer the following videos on sale for your professional development. You can view these products here.

  • JW Flynn Oration by Susan Emerson
  • StreetLeverage Live Australia
  • ANC2018 Keynote – Brandon Arthur
  • ANC 2018 Keynote – Rosie Henley
  • ANC2018 Paper – Blurred lines: Are the rules and responsibilities clear in the changing landscape of the NDIS?
  • ANC2018 Paper – Deaf and Hearing student groups in an Interpreter Training Program
  • ANC2018 Paper – Embracing technology to address supply shortfalls in interpreter availability
  • ANC2018 Paper – EMIT Emergency Interpreting
  • ANC2018 Paper – Investigating the teamwork practices of Sign Language Interpreters in Australia
  • ANC2018 Paper – Legal interpreting: partners in practice with our ‘learned friends’
  • ANC2018 Paper – Partners in Research: Developing and Sustaining relationships on the Deaf Mental Health First Aid Project
  • ANC2018 Paper – Partnership between researchers and interpreters