ASLIA – DRAFT Position Statement for Media Interviews of Interpreters released for comment

May 16, 2020

Auslan Version here

Due to the unprecedented appearance and attention brought to our industry in the media recently, ASLIA has prepared a DRAFT position paper pertaining to interpreters and media interviews.

ASLIA recognises the valuable work that media interpreters are involved in and acknowledge the Media and Press industries present an added layer of complexity in already high pressure situations. We would to take this moment to thank the interpreters who taken on this very public role.

ASLIA recognises the difficult position that media interpreters are placed in as publicly visible figures and that the media controls the final product.

The aim of this position statement is not to condemn or criticise any activities undertaken by interpreters in the past but to recognise that we need to pave the way forward for interpreters and the Deaf community to work together in partnership.

All ASLIA corporate and ordinary members are encouraged to consider and comment on this draft statement (Auslan Version here). We also welcome any feedback from the wider Deaf community.

Please send your feedback via email (text or Auslan video clip) to by Friday 22nd May 2020.