Proposed Language Services Industry Award

June 8, 2023

Hello ASLIA members,

You might be aware, an application has been put forward with Fair Work Commission to create a Proposed Language Services Industry Award. Professionals Australia has partnered with The Australian Industry Group to submit the original draft proposal and are continuing to negotiate details of the award with input from their members.

You can find all the public details regarding the proposed award here and the original draft proposal put forward with the application.

The original draft of the proposed Language Service Industry Award was filed with Fair Work Commission on December 23 2022. There has been an extension provided for the submission of an updated draft Proposed Language Service Industry Award until 5pm 14th June 2023. Professionals Australia held an online meeting for Auslan and Deaf Interpreters to discuss the Proposed Industry Award on 23rd May 2023.

There is now a direction hearing on 27th June with Fair Work Commission and ASLIA has requested to address the president, Justice Hatcher, at this hearing.

ASLIA encourages all Deaf and sign language interpreters to read through these materials, including the correspondence. If you have any feedback or concerns there are a few options:

  1. If you’re a member of Professionals Australia, you can contact the union directly with your comments
  2. You can email ASLIA with your comments before June 23rd and we will include it in our communications with Fair Work Commission,
  3. You can make your own individual submission, details of how to make a submission are found here

This proposed award is for all spoken and signed language interpreters (including Deaf interpreters) and translators. AUSIT is also aware of this proposal. ASLIA has passed this information onto Deaf Australia as well as the Deaf Interpreters and Translators Association.

Currently, this award is drafted to only be related to the private sector. Should this proposal be successful, it’s important that it is fit for purpose, that the minimum standard reflects the best standard. To that end, we encourage you all to read the documents and provide your comments and feedback through one of the options above.


Warm Regards,
Belinda Roberts