Professional Development + ASLIA Live
Julie Judd - Chairperson (Vic)

Growing Membership Base
Sheree Murray - Secretary (ACT)

Policy Development & Governance
David McQuiggin - Vice Chairperson (NSW) + Della Bampton - Board Director (NSW)

National Conference Event
David McQuiggin - Vice Chairperson (NSW) + Kylie Scott - ANC Coordinator

Mentoring Programs
Michelle Ashley - Board Director (Vic)

Interpreter Higher Education
Christy Fillipich - Board Director (WA)

Interpreter Trainers' Network
Christy Fillipich - Board Director (WA)

De Brown - Board Director (SA) + Danielle Ferndale (Qld)

Information & Management Systems
Amy Blaylock - Treasurer (SA) & Sheree Murray - Secretary (ACT)

Deaf Interpreters
Duke Moolenaar - Board Director (Qld)

Rural & Regional Interpreters
Sheree Murray - Board Director (ACT)

Educational Interpreters Sub-Committee
Kerrie Christie - Chair of Sub-Committee + Christy Filipich - Board Director (WA)

Mental Health Interest Group
Bernadette Chapman - Interest Group Chairperson + Julie Judd - Chairperson (VIC)

Government Engagement
Sheree Murray - Secretary (ACT)

Stakeholder Engagement
Julie Judd - Chairperson (Vic) + Tahlicia Osei-Poku - Board Director (WA)

Member Engagement
Tahlicia Osei-Poku - Board Director (WA)

ASLIA Board Directors are responsible for different portfolios to ensure vitality in each area to support the mission and vision of ASLIA, and in turn to support its members and engage with its stakeholders.

If you wish to participate in, comment or suggest  on a portfolio, simply complete the email form on the right hand side and be sure to choose the relevant portfolio.

The coordinator for that portfolio will be in contact with you shortly.