Code of Ethics

Individuals who gain NAATI Auslan-English accreditation are strongly encouraged to become ASLIA members, to take advantage of on-going professional development, support and advice, as well as many other membership benefits. ASLIA membership is also open to other individuals with an interest in sign language interpreting, for example: students of Auslan and/or Auslan-English interpreting, Deaf Interpreters, parents of deaf children, deaf consumers and organisations. For more information about ASLIA membership, select your State Branch from the tab at the top of this page for the relevant details.
One obligation of gaining NAATI accreditation is that practitioners will adhere to the professional Code of Ethics; for Auslan-English interpreters, this is the ASLIA Code of Ethics. A summary of the core values in the ASLIA Code of Ethics is presented below.


1. Professional accountability: Accepting responsibility for professional decisions and actions.

2. Professional competence: Committing to provide quality professional service throughout one’s practice.

3. Non-discrimination: Approaching professional service with respect and cultural sensitivity.

4. Integrity in professional relationships: Dealing honestly and fairly with participants and colleagues.

5. Integrity in business practices: Dealing honestly and ethically in all business practices.

Practitioners are to understand that each of these core values and accompanying sections are to be considered when making ethical and professional decisions in their identity and capacity as an interpreter. These values are of equal weight and importance.

For more detailed information about each of these values and guidelines for applying them to practise, please click here to download a complete copy of the ASLIA Code of Ethics.