No-ing and Trust-ing – presented by Listening Differently


Hosted by ASLIA NSW/ACT and Listening Differently

Sat 03/12/2022 | Starts: 10:00 am | Ends: 2:00 pm | State: National, NSW | Venue: Zoom Webinar

With a full calendar and hardly a minute to spare, many of us are in danger of being overwhelmed by the amount and type of work we are being asked to take on – both at work and at home.

We want to be seen as being more than just competent. We want to earn the trust of our friends and colleagues, and we need to get the work done.

There are times when we feel like we should say “no” but … we say “yes” to the requests they make and then rush to produce work of a quality below what we are capable of in circumstances that make us feel uncomfortable while the important but not urgent work slips further behind ….

We all know that the quickest way to create some space and take a breath is to just say “no”. But saying no isn’t easy. Done the wrong way it can cause damage to the most important of relationships.

In this workshop we will be getting to the heart of why we often struggle to say no and what action you can take to make it easier to say no while improving relationships and building trust. You will be introduced to a new set of skills that will help you to:

· understand and identify your emotional reactions to saying no (and to being told no)
· develop a new way of thinking about trust, how it can be built and how it can be repaired
· respond in a way that increases trust in business and personal relationships, allows you to focus on what is important and deliver value

It doesn’t matter how busy you are, this is the one course you should say, “yes!” to.

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No-ing and Trust-ing – presented by Listening Differently