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ANC2018 – Partners in Practice

21 – 23 September, 2018

Brisbane Novotel, 200 Creek Street, Brisbane

Thank you for being part of the 2018 ANC – ‘Partners in Practice’.

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ANC 2018

Partnerships form the foundation of our work, and the success of our work depends on the strength of those relationships. We work in partnership with fellow interpreters, other professionals, agencies and the Deaf community. To ensure these relationships thrive, we must cultivate them by investing time and effort in building and maintaining trust and preserving our strong connections.

The Australian interpreting industry (in both signed and spoken languages) is rapidly changing, and to sail through this tide of change we need to invest in our relationships to ensure interpreter quality, affordability and retention.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme rollout will see further changes in the interpreting landscape, and it is possible that we will experience some negative impacts too. There are concerns regarding working conditions, rates of pay for practitioners, supply and demand, and access to interpreters with the appropriate NAATI credentials and experience. Whatever the outcome, the impact will be felt most deeply by the community we serve, the Deaf community. Now, more than ever it is imperative that we work at building trust, forming relationships and fostering our partnerships.

A positive future for our community is wholly dependent on collaboration between all stakeholders, including practitioners, the Deaf community, interpreting agencies and government.


Meredith Bartlett
ANC2018 Convenor

Julie Judd

Julie Judd
ASLIA Chairperson

Your ANC 2018 Organising Committee:

Convenor Meredith Bartlett ASLIA
Event Manager Peter Davies Convenor
Program Manager Megan Bytheway Convenor
Street Leverage Peter Davies Convenor
ITNS (Cancelled)
PR & Marketing Danielle Vicary Program Manager
Sponsorships & Grants Bobbie Blackson Program Manager
Venue & AV Peter Davies Convenor
Budget Megan Bytheway Convenor
Volunteers & Registrations Duke Moolenaar Program Manager
Scientific Committee Maree Madden Program Manager
Interpreters Zane Hema Program Manager
ASLIA Rep David McQuiggin ASLIA Board