ASLIAQ 2021 P-Platers Session Two ETHICS

Livestreamed Hosted by ASLIAQ
10/05/2021 | Starts: 6:00 pm | Ends: 7:30 pm | Venue: Zoom

ASLIAQ has a social group for early career interpreters and soon-to-be NAATI certified provisional interpreters, including CPI and CPDI. P-Platers is about peer social support, shared learning and professional networking opportunities.

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ASLIAQ 2021 May General Meeting

Livestreamed Hosted by ASLIAQ
12/05/2021 | Starts: 6:30 pm | Ends: 8:00 pm

ASLIAQ Committee at the monthly general meeting. Members ONLY

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It’s like I am not really there- Ethical reasoning skills and the interpreting profession

Livestreamed Hosted by ASLIA NSW/ACT & Sweeney Interpreting
22/05/2021 | Starts: 10:00 am | Ends: 12:00 pm | Venue: ASLIA Live (via Zoom) only

Since its beginning, the sign language interpreting profession has made moral and justice claims as its raison d’etre. That is, interpreters claim to provide access to deaf people. Interpreters also claim to make decisions that claim we can empower Deaf people. Further, interpreters claim to be allies, and of recent distinction, we have raised concerns for social justice.  However, when comparing our justice claims to our typical discourse norms, interpreters appear to fall short. In an earlier presentation, these discourse norms (i.e., use of heuristics) were highlighted as theoretically problematic. In this presentation, we consider the data behind this claim.

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2021 CPI Online Forum – Medical Interpreting

Livestreamed Hosted by ASLIA (WA)
24/05/2021 | Starts: 4:00 pm | Ends: 6:00 pm | Venue: ASLIA Live

ASLIA(WA) present a series of online forums for Certified Provisional Interpreters to discuss case studies in a safe environment.

These forums are for experienced CPI interpreters who may be looking towards Certified Interpreter certification.

Sessions are $30 each or register for all 5 for $100!

Please note – all times are AWST (+8GMT). Adjust to your time zone accordingly.

This is a members only event. Limited to 20 participants!

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ASLIA (WA) 2021 Back to Basics

Hosted by ASLIA (WA)
29/05/2021 | Starts: 10:00 am | Ends: 3:00 pm | Venue: Mount Claremont Community Centre

Are you feeling a bit rusty with interpreting fundamentals? Just starting out and a bit overwhelmed?

Come join ASLIA (WA) as we unpack a full day workshop on:

  • Working with tandems,
  • Demand-Control Schema, and
  • Vicarious Trauma,

and instantly feel in the zone.

Plenty of time for colleague discussions and getting down to the nitty gritty.

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Recertification: Tips, Tricks and How-to

Livestreamed Hosted by ASLIA (WA)
31/05/2021 | Starts: 5:00 pm | Ends: 7:00 pm | Venue: ASLIA Live

Recertify with Ease!

Members $30
Non-members $60

Presented in Auslan
Email if Auslan-English interpretation is required.

Recertification Category 1.5 (10 points)

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