Below is a short list of all working policies. If the specific policy you wish to access is not available to download, please contact ASLIA on

The list is in alphabetical order.

Bursary Policy & Application – download (pdf file)

Code of Conduct Policy & Agreement – under review

Conference Interpreting Guidelines – under review

Deaf Interpreter Policy – NEW aslia-deaf-interpreter-policy-and-guidelines_final

Donations Policy – under review

Example Interpreter Contract of Employment – download (Word .doc file)

Grievance Policy & Procedure – under review

Guidelines for the Employment of Sign Language Interpreters in Educational Settings – download (pdf file)

Guidelines for Interpreting in Mental Health Settings – download (pdf file)

Occupational Health & Safety Policy – download (pdf file)

Pro Bono Interpreting Policy – download (pdf file)

Research Endorsement Policy & Application – under review

Selection of Interpreters at National and/or International Events – download (pdf file)

Legal Interpreting Policy – download (pdf file)

Information for the Legal System of Australia: Dealing with Deaf Individuals in the Court System of Australia – download (pdf file)

Guidelines for Interpreters in Legal Settings – download (pdf file)

Social Media Policy – NEW aslia-social-media-policy_final

Website Code of Conduct Policy – download (pdf file)

Website Privacy Statement – download (pdf file)