ASLIA Membership Terms and Conditions

ASLIA membership categories are:

  • Associate Individual
  • Ordinary Individual
  • Ordinary Corporate

For details of the benefits, requirements and rights conferred by each membership category – or to join as an ASLIA member – click here

By purchasing an ASLIA membership you are agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions:

  • to bear the cost of membership fees [listed on the purchase page and subject to change in accordance with the ASLIA Constitution]
  • to abide by the ASLIA Code of Ethics in all interpreting work that you perform, whether it is paid employment or pro bono
  • to abide by ASLIA’s rules as outlined in its Constitution
  • to abide by ASLIA’s membership policies
  • all membership types expire on 30 June each year at which time membership becomes due for renewal [Life Membership is exempted]
  • membership cannot be refunded or transferred to another individual
  • to ASLIA maintaining a databaseĀ of members, which includes individual’s name and contact details [as provided for in the ASLIA Constitution]
  • upon successful completion of your membership application, to ASLIA including your details on its online membership gallery as the default option; however, you are entitled to select data which will be available in the gallery or to completely opt-out of the membership gallery
  • that ASLIA will use the databaseĀ of members’ information [for the intended purpose and not for any other purpose] to send electronic information to members including – but not limited to – Notice of Annual General Meetings or Notice of Special Meetings; surveys for your views about ASLIA and its work and priorities; e-newsletters; advertising about ASLIA Professional Development
  • that at all ASLIA professional development and public events, you agree to being photographed or filmed and that these images will be owned by ASLIA for its use; if you do not wish images of you to be used by ASLIA, it is your sole responsibility to contact ASLIA at