ASLIA National Conference

The ANC2024 Keynote Presenters:

We are pleased to announce the Keynote presenters and JW Flynn Orator for the upcoming 2024 ASLITA National Conference.

International Keynote Presenter:

Dr. Kounghee (Lydia) Koh

Dr Koh is a Korean Certified interpreter and researcher with over 25 years of experience in the field. She completed her PhD at Chong-shin University in Korea, focusing on the Deafblind
community, Haptic signals, and working with self-help groups within the Deafblind community. Dr Koh has written several research papers related to interpreting and the Deafblind community
such as:

  • Analysis of Danish Haptic Signals in Haptic signals: 139 new and known signals
  • A Study on the Experience of the Deaf who Developed Visual Impairment
  • A Qualitative Case Study on Self-help Group for the Deaf-Blind: Focusing on the Case of Sonkkeutse Missionary Society
  • Development of Haptic Signals for Deafblind People: An Action Research Study

In her spare time, Dr Koh is the president of KASI (Korean Association of Sign language interpreters), and the chief director of sign language cooperative federation.

Amongst Dr Koh’s busy schedule, she always makes time to follow her love of golf, travel, and social activities. Sometimes playing golf with Deaf friends, not only as an interpreter but also as friends.

Dr Koh also enjoys hosting parties at her house where Deaf, Deafblind, and interpreting communities can get together and catch up, once a month.

Fun fact: Dr Koh is a leader of the Christian Sign language interpreters group called “SOLAFIDE”.

National Keynote Presenter:

Stephanie Linder

Stephanie Linder, born into a Deaf family and a second-generation native signer of Auslan, has been a lifelong member of the Deaf community. With more than two decades of dedicated experience in the deaf sector, education field, and interpreting field in Australia, Stephanie felt a deep sense of purpose in positively influencing the lives of Deaf individuals directly. This passion and commitment propelled her career shift towards International Development Cooperation.

This led her to transition her career focus to International Development Cooperation. Based in Copenhagen, Stephanie frequently travels and has contributed to various research projects, including assisting in developing the Auslan Medical Signbank and Auslan Corpus. She is also a recent graduate of EUMASLI (European Master of Sign Language Interpreting).

JW Flynn Orator:

Rebecca Ladd

Rebecca has a background in interpreting, teaching and management and has worked in not-for-profit organisations and within the University sector. The majority of her career has been spent working with the Deaf community and developing potential interpreters, which capitalises on her passion for deafness. She is very grateful for the numerous opportunities which interpreting has provided. In addition to NAATI interpreting certification, Rebecca holds a Master of Management and Bachelor of Education (Hons).

Rebecca also achieved the ‘agility’ badge as an 11-year-old Brownie with this proving to be a good pre-requisite to swimming laps (something she has done most Sunday mornings for almost 30 years, with a major motivation being the breakfast immediately afterwards) with her special skill being her ability to bake a mean carrot cake!