ASLIA National Conference

The ANC2024 Presenters:

We are pleased to announce our wonderful presenters & panel facilitators for the upcoming 2024 ASLITA National Conference.

Amanda Galea

After watching several colleagues go viral and seeing the ensuing controversy each time, Amanda got sick of asking for someone to do a PD or panel on the topic and took matters into her own hands. This will be her first time presenting at ANC.

Amber Richardson

Amber recently completed her Masters of Translation and Interpreting Studies at Macquarie University. She enjoys interpreting theatre and has undertaken short courses about Shakespeare at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London.

Dr. Angela Dillon

Dr Angela Dillon has been an interpreter for 40 years. She is Principal Lecturer at TAFE SA, working with three training programs: Interpreting Translating, Auslan, and Deaf Gain Education. Angela is keen to see our industry thrive, hence this research study.

Bek Cramp

Bek has interpreted in Islamic religious settings since 2007 and has recently completed a Master of Research examining this topic. She is pleased to present some of her findings from her research.

Chevoy Sweeney

Chevoy Sweeney is an interpreter and co-owner of Sweeney Interpreting. She has been interpreting for a number of years and has witnessed, first hand, the changes in the interpreting world. She is keen to know what makes interpreters tick, how we can keep the passion we worked so hard for, and how we can support each other.

Danielle Vicary

With over 2 decades of interpreting experience, Danielle leads the interpreter team at Convo Australia. Passionate about people, she prioritises interpreter well-being, fostering job satisfaction & a sense of belonging, resulting in the delivery of exceptional interpreting services.

Dr. Della Goswell

As an interpreter, interpreter educator and researcher I have been curious about what we actually do when our two language modalities and differences in specialist vocabulary collide. These are selected findings from my research.

Jas Shirrefs

11 years of frontline activism and grassroots organising.

Karthik Vijayanandam 

Karthik Vijayanandam (He/Him) is a qualified Deaf professional in Naarm/Melbourne. He has training in interpreting and translation, and currently holds a NAATI Recognised Practicing Translator credential in Auslan.

Kate Parremore

Passionate about collaboration with Interpreters and Disability Liaison Officers, I aim to explore reasons behind interpreter declines in tertiary bookings to bridge gaps and enhance accessibility.

Kelly Ah Kuoi

Working the last 6 years in a variety of protests, rallies and televised media conferences, I have often had discussions about the decisions made while undertaking public facing work in my efforts to grow interpreters working in this space.

Dr Kirri Dangerfield

Over my career, I’ve noticed varying degrees of success when working in an interpreting team. I needed to understand why. Therefore, I pursued and completed a PhD thesis on the topic.

Leigh Cox 

Leigh Cox serves as the dedicated Director, Language Services Policy at the Australian Government, Department of Home Affairs. With a robust background as a policy professional, Leigh has amassed valuable experience in both government and non- governmental organisation (NGO) sector, focusing on social policy matters, particularly in the realms of multicultural affairs and humanitarian affairs.

Mac Gordon

Mac is a Certified Provisional Interpreter who has a strong interest in social justice

Mark Quinn

For around ten years Mark has undertaken numerous assignments within the media and public facing sphere, and leads the current EMIT and ABC News interpreting teams.

Megan Bytheway

Megan grew up with performers and musicians and is enthralled by all that happens on stage. Her desire is to make that joy and wonder accessible to Deaf audiences.

Melinda Mindum

I have been working in the educational space as an interpreter and a DLO for a number of years. Having an interest in this space, I have recently started a PhD looking at TAFE interpreting.

Dr. Meredith Bartlett

Dr Meredith Bartlett is an experienced Auslan interpreter, trainer and researcher. She is passionate about research into tactile Auslan and improving training for interpreters, case managers and communication guides in the Deafblind community.

Nat Kull

Returning to freelance interpreting after a 2.5 year hiatus, I was shocked to find a landscape saturated by VRI bookings, very little teamwork, and a declining interest in providing high quality online work. What could be done to turn this around?

Our code of ethics guides us to do no harm, but the interpreting industry is unregulated. I want to explore what lessons can be learned from regulated professions, and what effect compulsory supervision could have on improving the safety of our services.

Paul Heuston

Paul Heuston is an Auslan/English interpreter with over 36 years of professional experience. As a member of the Deaf community, he has a keen interest in the supply and demand of quality interpreting services.

Ramas McRae

Ramas McRae, a PhD candidate, is particularly interested in deafness, language acquisition, and mental health. He’s also a part-time lecturer, tutor, and freelance consultant in interpreting, translating, and deaf culture.

Shannon Kettleton

Shannon, profoundly Deaf with the uncanny ability to understand music and lyrics, immersing that magic into her Deaf community.

Todd Wright

As CEO of Convo Australia, Todd Wright continues his lifelong contribution to the Australian Deaf community and their language and culture. Committed to workforce well-being, he fosters a supportive environment for employees to thrive.

Zane Hema

With 30 years interpreting experience, true progress only comes with true collaboration.