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  • Deafblind Communication Workshop (Livestream)

    $80.00 (member price: $50.00)

    Have you always wondered what Deafblind Communication looks like, but never taken the plunge into working with Deafblind people?
    Would you like to further polish your Deafblind Communication skills?

    Well, then this is the workshop for you!

    Presented by a showstopping lineup of wonderful Deafblind individuals all with varying and unique communication methods. They will let you in on their worlds and the best practises when communicating with Deafblind people, so you can feel confident and empowered to be working more in those spaces.

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    $40.00 (member price: $20.00)

    Tax Tips for Interpreters from Nichols Fowell, a financial professional.

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  • Emotional Agility, Boundaries & Self Care w/ Chris Cheers

    $20.00 (member price: $10.00)

    Workshop Blurb:
    Although meaningful work, like that of an interpreter, can be an incredibly rewarding part of your life, such work may also lead to challenges to your wellbeing through burnout and stress, especially when navigating the challenges of COVID. This workshop aims to help support you with these challenges through skills in emotional agility, boundaries and self-care, and specific strategies to promote wellbeing through connection to values and what is important to you. This will also be discussed within the context of processing the specific challenges of the last 2 years and the challenges that continue.

    Presenter Bio:
    Chris Cheers is a psychologist and lecturer with a focus on elevating mental health in the arts and LGBTIQ+ community. Chris is a member of the Australian Professional Association for Transgender Health (AusPATH), board-approved Supervisor, and will soon complete a PhD at the Centre for Alcohol and Policy Research at La Trobe University. Chris is a regular contributor in the media and has recently appeared on the ABC, 7am podcast, The Guardian and The Sydney Morning Herald.

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  • LISTENING DIFFERENTLY – “Listening” for Interpreters

    $50.00 (member price: $25.00)

    A workshop on how we listen (hint – it’s not about our ears!) – and the effects of how our listening influences our work as interpreters.


    An interactive online workshop over 3 hours, covering:

    * The interpreter’s schema – Listening to others using our past, and how others might listen to us in the present.

    * Listening to feedback – A psychological framework to understand why it’s hard, and some practices to make it easier.

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  • Placeholder

    Testing Testing 1 2

    $50.00 (member price: $25.00)



    Navigating sound and lighting requirements at live public events

    This workshop is aimed at interpreters who are or will be interpreting in live public events. It discusses the usual sound set up used in public events, the common issues interpreters experience and some possible solutions to these. You will learn some basic sound concepts, and be introduced to the sound equipment used in these settings.

    This workshop will cover:

    • Basic sound concepts EG How sound works
    • Pre assignment discussion for sound requirements
    • Equipment
      • In ear monitoring
      • Monitor screens
      • Foldback speakers
    • Lighting
    • Microphone technique A-E interpreting
    • Sound checks
    • Common issues interpreters experience

    Come join your colleagues in gaining sound tech knowledge and practical skills to manage the common pitfalls that arise for interpreters at live events.

    Registrations close 27th June 

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  • It’s like I am not really there- Ethical reasoning skills and the interpreting profession

    $50.00 (member price: $25.00)

    It’s like I am not really there“: Ethical reasoning skills and the interpreting profession

    Since its beginning, the sign language interpreting profession has made moral and justice claims as its raison d’etre. That is, interpreters claim to provide access to deaf people. Interpreters also claim to make decisions that claim we can empower Deaf people. Further, interpreters claim to be allies, and of recent distinction, we have raised concerns for social justice.  However, when comparing our justice claims to our typical discourse norms, interpreters appear to fall short. In an earlier presentation, these discourse norms (i.e., use of heuristics) were highlighted as theoretically problematic. In this presentation, we consider the data behind this claim.

    For decades, the Center for the Study of Ethical Development has been collecting data on how people from around the world respond to an instrument that measures moral development and ethical reasoning. This measure, The Defining Issues Test (DIT) uses ethical scenarios in combination with a rating and ranking scheme to measure a respondent’s justice-reasoning, or the ability to reason beyond the conventions and to consider cooperative, collaborative, and shareable ideals.

    The DIT was administered to a cohort of 25 sign language interpreters in the US. This presentation reports on the DIT data that suggests that our heuristics do indeed impact our ethical reasoning. Normative data for different age, educational, and professionals also show that interpreters may lag behind those individuals they work with (doctors, lawyers, etc.).


    A note from ASLIA-Q and ASLIA-NSW

    These two ethics presentations by Robyn Dean build on each other. The first one raises awareness around the interpreting profession’s habits of speech or heuristics. Although the argument is research based, including qualitative data from interpreters, it remains a theoretical argument. The second presentation expands the theoretical argument and adds an additional layer: data from a standardised instrument that quantitatively measures ethical reasoning.  Even though these presentations build on each other, they are stand-alone presentations. It is not necessary to attend the first to understand the second.

    Participants will be given an opportunity to take the DIT to receive your personal ethical reasoning score in a confidential manner. Details will be made available upon registration for either session.


    Registrations close: 16th May 2021

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  • DEAL

    Certified Interpreter Online Forum – All Five Sessions

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  • Auslan Linguistics Webinar Series

    $100.00 (member price: $50.00)

    ASLIA in connection with Auslan Consultancy has developed a set of Auslan Linguistic webinars available for purchase as a package.

    This resource consists of 4 webinars covering:

    • Introduction to Auslan Linguistics
    • Depicting Signs
    • Constructed Action
    • Use of Space

    This resource is a great way to enhance your understanding and sharpen your Auslan skills.

    Author/sAuslan Consultancy
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